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Bienvenidos al Wiki de El caparazón, sobre elearning, e-learning 2.0, blogs, internet, diseño web, net-art y lo que vayamos viendo. Tu colaboración es lo que da sentido a este espacio. Regístrate y edita cualquiera de los artículos.

Empezamos con un artículo publicado en Educaweb hace unos días, contribución wikipédica:

E-learning 2.0

Actualización 10/5: 

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Thank you very much, dreig, for making a community and a site dedicated to the educational aspect of the web that brings together bilingual enthusiasts of technological learning and living. I myself am a mulatto, born of the union of my Puerto Rican mom and European father and I am very proud of it. When I am not essay writing for school, I go on-line and it really gladdens my heart when I encounter bilingual sites like these that caters to many, different individuals.

I would like to contribute more to this site once I get my degree in the university. I would like to travel around the world first and visit my two homelands of Bratislava and Puerto Rico. I will write travel essays , photo journals and video documentaries which I will share here and maybe even to my future chidlren as well. More power and good luck! Godspeed! edited 05:52, 7 Jan 2010
Posted 05:51, 7 Jan 2010
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